Here they are … a few simple, short tunes written out for beginning Trumpet players who just can’t yet play those upper notes that the Band Method Book at school wants you you to play. The point of these tunes is to get you playing something that sounds like a melody while you’re just getting started. Plenty of really good Trumpet players started off as low-note specialists. These 3 sheets all have the same tunes on them, but in 3 different keys. They should sound familiar in any key. This post exists as an extension to this other post intended for beginning Trumpet players who are currently able to play only really low notes.

Because you’re playing low notes you will have to play some notes with uncommon fingerings (for beginning Band). That’s why I’ve included the fingerings. Please don’t stare at those fingerings – consult them as necessary. The notes are pretty big and they have their names in them. The idea is that you should learn what each note looks like, what it’s called, how it sounds and what you have to do to play it. That sounds like a lot, but it really isn’t. Just learn one note at a time.

I’ve also added links to the same 3 sheets without fingerings so that you can challenge yourself before working on longer tunes and higher notes. One day I might add some recordings … don’t hold your breath.

I’m posting this in a rush because there are some special people who need it now. Use the sheet that best lines up with the notes you can play.

The notes on the first sheet should look familiar. The other two sheets are lower and lower. Your band class isn’t going there any time soon, but you are!

Short Low Tunes in C

Short Low Tunes in Bb

Short Low Tunes in G


Jim is an orchestral Trumpet player and retired high school Music teacher.

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