Baritone BC Warm-up #5

This warm-up is intended for use by players working to develop their upper register. Our goals include extending that range towards Bb an octave above the staff. Warm up every day and get comfortable with all of these notes. When this warm-up seems too easy extend some of the higher exercises upward. If you’re really serious about playing in the high range you should move beyond these exercises by purchasing some of the books that inspired them. Those books and a few more are mentioned on the Baritone BC warmups main post, but you should seek out books by and for Euphonium and Baritone players, or at least ones that have been written in Bass Clef and meant for brass players. If you want to play along with me doing this Warm-up on Trumpet (which will be in Trumpet range, so higher) click here to head over to my YouTube Channel and look for Trumpet Warm-up #5.

BC Warm-up #5 P1
BC Warm-up #5 P2
BC Warm-up #5 P3
BC Warm-up #5 P4


Jim is an orchestral Trumpet player and retired high school Music teacher.

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