The Big List of Trumpet Jokes

Here’s the Big List of Trumpet Jokes:

(There are some jokes that you won’t find here because they might not be appropriate for my intended audience – which includes young, impressionable people with parents who care about them.)

Trumpet Jokes

Here are some classic trumpet jokes:

What do trumpets have in common with pirates?

Terror on the high C’s.

What’s the trumpet player’s handshake?

Hi, I’m better than you.

How do you know who the principal trumpet is?

They tell you.

How do you make a trumpet sound like a French horn?

Stick your hand in the bell and play all the wrong notes.

What’s the difference between trumpet players and government bonds?

Government bonds eventually mature and earn money.

Do you play the Trumpet Voluntary?

No, my parents made me do it.

How do you get a trumpet to play fff?

Write mp on the part.

How do you get a trumpet to play p?

Take the horn away.

How do you find the trumpet players on the playground?

Look for the kids that can’t swing.

What can all trumpet players do better than trombone players?

Play the trombone.

What is a gentleman?

Somebody who knows how to play the trumpet, but doesn’t.

What would a trumpet player do if he won a million dollars?

Continue to play gigs until the money ran out.

What’s the difference between a free jazz trumpeter and a terrorist?

The terrorist has sympathizers.

What’s the difference between a jet airplane and a trumpet?

About three decibels.

How many trumpet players does it take to change a light bulb?

Just one. He holds it in place and the whole world revolves around him.

Five. One to put it in, and four to talk about how much better they could have done it.

Five. One to change the bulb and four to contemplate how Louis Armstrong would have done it.

How many second trumpet players does it take to change a light bulb?

None. They can’t go up that high.

How many jazz trumpeters does it take to change a light bulb?

Doesn’t matter. They can fake the changes.

Why are most trumpet jokes written by trombone players?

They seldom get jobs.

Trumpet playing is like Marriage, it seems easy until you try it.

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Trumpet Boy, obviously:

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