Trumpet Learning Resources: Helpful Links for Beginner and Developing Trumpet Players

Here are some links to websites/videos that are helpful resources for beginning trumpet players:

(I’ll try to keep adding to this list as I come across things.)

Trumpet Scale Sheets

There are several scales on this ( site:

A Concert Bb Scale (starts on C)

Several major scales (and a Chromatic Scale)

Some blues scales

Lots of scale exercises on this page. from a Middle School site.

Minor Scale pdf from this School site.

YouTube videos by other Trumpet Teachers/Players that I like:

(These are links to just one video or page of many by these Trumpet players/teachers. Start with one of these and explore.)

For Beginning Trumpet players:

215th US Army Field Band on getting the buzz going

Blackwells TrumpetBasics

Adam Meckler at

Scott Moore about Embouchure

Allison Jensen at

Adam Rapa teaching his nephew:

For Trumpet players who’ve been playing for a while and want to work on harder stuff:

This Adam Meckler video

Robert Slotte’s site: There’s a good page on playing Trumpet with braces.

Jon Ruff’s embouchure video:

For more experienced players who are getting serious about their Trumpet playing:

Stan Curtis’ site

Bryan Davis’ Videos from AirFlow Music

“The Trumpet Prof”

Charlie Porter’s videos like this one:

Adam Rapa’s YouTube channel:

Chase Sanborn on Pedal Tones:

Arturo Sandoval on Pedal Tones (which he calls “low notes”):

Brian Shook on Pedal Tones:

David Hickman on Pedal Tones:

“The Trumpet Prof” on Pedal Tones:

Orchestral Trumpet Parts

This site has a lot of Orchestral Trumpet parts – many of them transposed, and a lot of really good links: You’ll find it easier to navigate if you read some French, but you don’t really have to.

More Orchestral parts in the public domain:

Most Orchestral parts are copyright “intellectual property” and can’t be shared or duplicated. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of publications available in print but only some really old ones on sites like imslp (the Petrucci Library). Other parts you might find in excerpt books if you’re lucky. The old standard books were the ones by International Music and came in about 15 volumes. A quick look around and I’m not too sure what’s happened to them. I think there are some new versions of these collected into larger volumes. More on this later. There are some other excerpt books around now like the Royal Conservatory ones or these ones.

Bugle Calls:

Canada: Music for Commemorative Ceremonies

Last Post on this website

UK calls: Recordings, Sheet Music

USA: Army Calls: Navy Calls Air Force

Pedal Tones

All about Pedal Tones:

“The Trumpet Prof” on Pedal Tones:

Sites that have lots of Trumpet thoughts by other players

Pop’sTrumpet College is an interesting site for a lot of things, especially ebooks and lessons

This Guy seems sensible:

This site has lots of good stuff on it and is intended for students:

More places to go for advice, tips, information etc on trumpet playing:

Resources For Learning Trumpet


Jim is an orchestral Trumpet player and retired high school Music teacher.