Yes, Trumpet players have their own special days dating back to the ancient Romans. They had special Trumpets for special occasions and those Trumpets were to be “purified” by cleansing so they were fit for those occasions. Search it if you want the details.

For our purposes it serves as a reminder that our Trumpets do need to be cleaned (if not purified) occasionally. The consensus seems to be that Tubilustrium occurred on both March 23 and May 23 (the first for Mars, the next for Vulcan). They might be too close together for us to use both, so take your pick and wash your Trumpet.

See a photo of one of these special trumpets on this website.

If you need help figuring out just how to wash out your Trumpet there are plenty of folks on the internet willing to tell you. I guess I’m one of them.

Dusty Trumpet - How to Clean a Trumpet


Jim is an orchestral Trumpet player and retired high school Music teacher.

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